Salesforce SMB Event – June 2019

In addition to major events, Salesforce also often uses Jibe! Group for the organizing of smaller events. For example, Jibe! Group was called in to organize the SMB event on the 27th of June. This was an event for Salesforce prospects and it was all about 'Growing Business Together'. The event took place in the Noord Paviljoen at Artis in Amsterdam. There are three meeting rooms in the Noord Paviljoen, each with their own character. In addition to that, there is a bigger meeting room upstairs, which was perfect for the Salesforce presentations that were held. 

Jibe! Group had arranged the catering services. The day started off with a lunch, in between there was a coffee break and at the end we had arranged a networking drink. Jibe! Group was responsible for the A-Z event management for this event, from venue selection to venue contracting, from demos and presentations to giveaways and from the invite procces to the registration process. With events like this, we always work together with our clients very closely. Making decisions is so much easier this way!