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We are Jibe! Group

Marketing support & event management to make you and your organization successful.  

We budget, plan and execute marketing- and communication programs as well as events. The combination of marketing- and event management experience with in-depth industry knowledge quickly adds value. Some of our team members have over 20 years of strategic marketing experience. However, our strength lies in the execution. Be it flawless event- and conference management, content development, telemarketing, online marketing, tradeshow organization or public relations, you can count on us to make the necessary things happen.

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Our Customers



Acquia is the digital experience company. Jibe! Group has been working with Acquia since the first moment they started their European operations. From extended marketing team in Europe to the Massachusetts-based marketing organisation, our role evolved with the growth of Acquia. Nowadays we support the Benelux organisation with online marketing, copywriting and public relations. 

Van Straaten

Van Straaten

Van Straaten is market leading producer of innovative visual communication solutions since 1918Jibe! Group is responsible for the budgeting, planning and execution of the marketing strategy of Van Straaten. This includes, amongst others, website, content development, public relations, tradeshows and events, advertising (online and offline), email marketing and direct marketing programs. Central in our approach is the measurement of return on investment to maximize the value of every euro spent on marketing. 



Optimizely is the #1 website optimization platform in the world. Optimizely is a young company which, in less than 2 years, became the leading platform in the world in A/B and multivariate testing. Jibe! is supporting Optimizely with the national and international events. It is our brief to really create event experiences and our work includes budgeting, planning, venue finding, onsite guidance, speaker management and most importantly branding. Creating true Optimizely Experiences. 


Jibe! worked, on behalf of the NIDV, Ministry of Defence and IPAC, as the sole organizer of the 2016 Personal Armour Systems Symposium. PASS 2016 took place in September 2016 and was host to over 250 attendees. The symposium was held at...
Super Micro selected Jibe! Group to organize a gala dinner, as part of the grand finale of a two-day sales meeting. This because the local marketing team was focused on making the arrangements for the customer event itself and didn’t...
For our customer Optimizely we took care of the project management related to their participation at this years’ Festival of Marketing in London. This as Optimizely did, at the time of signing up for this lead generating tradeshow,...
We organised an evening dinner on the Amsterdam canals for international guests of Microsoft. They had their private salon boat including guide and a three course dinner was served during the evening. Testimonial: “We had an...
NetApp Cafe
NetApp Cafe Belgium is one of the two Cafe events which are organised every year for partners, prospects and customers. Jibe! Group kicked off with the Cafe for the Belgian market on September 10th at Kasteel Groot Bijgaarden. The welcome...
Jibe! Group Salesforce Essentials
For salesforce.com Jibe! organizes the annual event Salesforce Essentials in Belgium. The goals for this event are customer loyalty, customer retention, cross- and upselling and of course lead generation. For these events Jibe! has full...