Our clients

Innovation requires collaboration.

We are extremely thankful for – and proud of - the many projects we have been able to design and deliver for our diverse client portfolio, many of them recognised industry leaders and global brands. Why thankful? Because turning an event into an experience, and the creation of imaginative marketing campaigns, requires innovation, collaboration and trust.

Some of our current and past clients include:

“If you are looking for a true partner, I can definitely recommend Jibe! Group.”



More happy clients:

"Insa in your team is a legend. She saved the show in a webinar this morning when we had a Webex outage 15 mins before the start. She worked quickly in less than 10 minutes to pivot to Hangouts, and inform 90+ registrants. Excellent example of remaining calm under pressure, and working fast."

"On behalf of the Benelux marketing team we would like to thank you for all your hard work these past weeks as we've had to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and priorities in our daily activities"

“Due to our fantastic collaboration with Jibe! Group we are able to organise customer conferences in the Benelux with over 2.000 attendees. Together with Jibe! Group we welcome our (future) customers and inform and entertain them following the highest possible standards".

“Jibe! differentiates themselves with their commitment to make each of our activities a huge success. They take a tremendous effort in not only understanding and complying with our needs, but also to execute, promote and position themselves as true colleagues when working on a mutual challenge.”

"Your support has really helped me. I am really satisfied - for the full 100%"

"This is an absolutely stellar job! The content is great as always and Jibe! Group is the first agency to master the new templates!"

"Thank you very much for the idea and the professional execution of our Christmas event. It was exceptionally received."

"Jibe! Group makes managing these large events so much easier."

"Creative and focussed, Jibe! Group has exceeded my expectations"

"Jibe! Group makes managing these large events so much easier"