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Workday - Bonsai Direct Mail


Driving awareness and demand for medium-sized businesses

January 2020

Workday contacted us for ideas to help them drive awareness and demand for medium-sized businesses across EMEA with a direct mail campaign. Keywords: business growth, cool and innovative.

As the finance- and HCM applications of Workday enable companies to grow, we presented a concept whereby a Bonsai tree symbolises growth. When you shape a Bonsai tree with care, whilst using the right tools, the tree will flourish. The same counts for the business of the prospective customers of Workday. When they shape their business with care, using the right tools from Workday, their business will flourish.

Following the concept creation Jibe! Group took care of the execution of this campaign from beginning to end, to include creative design, copywriting, landing page, and of course the shipments of the direct mailers in multiple languages across Europe.