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Salesforce - SMB prospect event


Unique venue to indulge your prospects and customers

June 2019

What better way to engage with your audience than at a different-than-usual, inspiring venue? To offer Salesforce’s prospects an unforgettable and unique experience, Jibe! Group hosted their yearly prospect event for Small & Medium Businesses at Artis, the Royal Zoo of Amsterdam.

The event took place at the classic Noord Paviljoen. With its 3 meeting rooms – each with their own style and furniture – the perfect networking area was created. The event was built around 3 different sessions about ‘’Growing Business Together’’ and ended with a networking reception. Because of the great weather in June the networking drinks were served on the terrace where customer engagement was sparked under the watchful eye of the animals. As a bonus the attendees were provided with an e-ticket of the Zoo so they were able to visit the park and relive some childhood memories.

The venue can be very decisive when it comes to triggering prospects to attend an event of a company they are not yet familiar with. Jibe! Group introduces exciting and unique venues, giving your audience something to remember.