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Salesforce - Webinar-in-a-Box


Meeting the need for customer engagement during COVID-19

Spring 2020

The day our world changed because of the coronavirus, Salesforce and Jibe! Group joined forces. How to engage with (prospective) customers when all live events are cancelled? Together with Salesforce we designed a Webinar-in-a-Box concept that is not only easy to use, but also scalable to meet the rising need for (digital) customer engagement during these strange times.

The Webinar-in-a-Box concept includes playbooks for sales teams to use and set up project plans and processes for a smooth execution. Each webinar contains a series of tasks, reaching from creating and distributing e-mail templates to running and hosting the webinars, as well as creating landing pages, collecting feedback and providing a recording that can be distributed via multiple channels. All from Salesforce’ own systems to optimize the customer experience. The Webinar-in-a-Box concept has been a big success and has now been implemented in other regions as well, using our strategy and project plans as a basis. Jibe! Group keeps the lead for the whole Benelux region and produces several webinars per month, ranging from small, interactive round tables to webinars with big audiences.