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Salesforce - ‘Webinar In A Box’ Program | Simplifying digital events for all teams


Webinar-in-a-box: engaging customers in the new normal

In the spring of 2020, as the world grappled with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Salesforce and Jibe! Group collaborated to address the urgent need for customer engagement amidst widespread event cancellations. Together, we devised the webinar-in-a-box concept—a solution designed to facilitate seamless digital customer interactions in an era where traditional live events were no longer feasible.

From necessity to standard practice

Originally invented to overcome the challenges of moving events online, the webinar-in-a-box concept has evolved into a versatile tool now widely adopted by companies seeking to increase their webinar offerings. It enables sales, ABM, and business development teams to efficiently set up and run their own webinars, fostering greater customer engagement and interaction.

Key features and benefits

The webinar-in-a-box programme includes comprehensive playbooks for sales teams, providing detailed project plans and processes to ensure smooth execution. Each webinar is meticulously planned, covering tasks such as creating and distributing email templates, running and hosting the webinars, developing landing pages, collecting feedback, and providing recordings for distribution across multiple channels. By leveraging Salesforce’s own systems, this concept optimises the customer experience from start to finish.

A proven success

The webinar-in-a-box concept has been a significant success, with its implementation now extending to other regions based on our initial strategy and project plans. Jibe! Group continues to lead the programme for the entire Benelux region, producing several webinars per month. These range from small, interactive round tables to large-scale webinars with extensive audiences.

Interested in webinar-in-a-box-program for your company?

If your company is looking to expand its webinar capabilities or empower your sales, partner marketing, business development, or ABM teams to create impactful digital events, consider our webinar-in-a-box programme. Just say hello, and we’ll be delighted to help you get started.