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Let’s go back to 2004. The dot-com bubble had burst. Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook. Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction during the half-time show of Super Bowl XXXVIII. Amidst these happenings our founder, Jolanda Prins, found herself struggling to get the best bucks for her marketing budget. Why did PR-agencies only seem to move for hefty retainers? How could event producers defend fees up to 30% of an event budget? She decided it was time for a fresh approach towards event production and marcom services.

Where to start? She decided to have lunch with a befriended designer to brainstorm. Enjoying the famous Dutch croquette he asked her about her passions in life. “Sailing is my biggest joy,” she answered. “Which sailing term reflects what you want to achieve?” he continued. Jolanda: “Jibing. That’s it. You jibe to change direction by turning through the wind. If done exceptionally well a jibe leads to a tactical advantage. And that’s what I want to achieve. Help customers gain tactical advantage on their projects, their goals and the results of the organisations they represent. So let’s call the company Jibe! Group. As it’s my aim to work on this mission with a group of people, not alone.”


Jibe! Group travelled a long way since. During this journey we have met fantastic people, we have been given the chance to work with (and learn from) leading companies and executed on the most extraordinary campaigns and events. We cheered when expectations were exceeded, cried when the weather messed up our plans. We adopted many new and innovative technologies, and we’ve seen the marcom world evolve, personalise and digitise. Live events became live experiences and digital experiences. We haven’t reached our end destination, and truly hope to meet you during our journey as well.

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