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If there’s no content, there’s nothing to share. We’ve got you covered. We are passionate about content development, from blogs, customer case studies and videos to infographics. We don’t take the (buzz?)word storytelling lightly, it’s our aim that each piece of content we create is interesting and truly triggers to read.


Case study development

We make it happen by crafting case studies that sell your solutions. With nearly a decade of experience, our copywriter has interviewed many recognisable brand names in Belgium and the Netherlands about their business cases, deployments and quantitative and qualitative benefits - and translated these conversations into compelling customer case stories.



We make it happen by breaking the cycle of monotonous copy that isn’t delivering the value you've invested in it. It’s our aim to write blogs, data sheets, press releases and white papers with impact. Copy that gains the attention of your stakeholders, builds trust, creates authentic authority and encourages to take the next step in their journey.


Video content

There is more than meets the eye, don’t you agree? Yes, your video content should look stunning - but have you thought about the way you will use it? What is the message you are trying to get across to your audience? That is what we work towards. Whether it’s a customer case video, a (prerecorded) webinar or a commercial, we’ll keep the goal in mind. During events we often have a video crew present as well, and you know what’s cool? A same day edit! What better way to end the closing keynote then to give the audience a recap of all the messages you have tried to send out during the day?

Content – Videocontent

Visuals: copy & design

How do you catch someone's attention when they scroll through their social media feeds? What makes people stop and look? We create visuals that stand out. Creativity is the best way to communicate and at Jibe! Group we support your marketing goals by bringing inspirational ideas to life. We provide engaging content and design for all channels, from data sheets, social graphic and infographics to signage and displays. We’ve got you covered.

Content – design