Hospitality event: Abel Tasman

Rimke Nooter

Hospitality event – Jibing to success

In the current market where the competition is killing and most communication happens online, a hospitality event is the way to reconnect with your customers. You get to know and understand each other better and you hear what is going on among your customers. But perhaps more important is that you let your customers know you appreciate them.

In business, the quality of your product or service is the most important thing. So when your customers are looking for a partner or supplier, what are they asking themselves?:Do I give my business to somebody I know and like or to somebody I do not know?

Everybody is busy and time needs to be used efficiently. This means that your hospitality event needs to have added value for a customer. Why should they go out of their way and make time in their schedule to join your event? What’s in it for them?

To increase the value of your event, consider the options below.

1) Ensure a knowledge transfer takes place

2) Include the family to justify extra working hours

3) An event with mainly fun and relaxation to optimize networking possibilities

Knowledge transfer

Think of a speaker who tells an interesting story about a trending topic or who inspires and gives energy. A workshop during  the event also does the trick. Doing this with a business approach is always possible, but will it really make a lasting impression? When combined with action and relaxation, you create an experience that will last forever.  What about a sailing trip through a wind farm on the middle of a lake? The elements come together while someone from the wind farm tells you everything about wind energy. Share the innovative techniques of the wind farms and see how they relate to the business of your customers – there is always something to be learnt from other business.


The target audience for your event are not exclusively yours – your competitor is chasing them as well. So how do you convince them to join your event? Invite them with their family. Often,  people come home from work with stories about their day. It is always nice to share those experiences with your family while doing something fun. Think of a sailing trip in a pirate theme. The children get to dress up as pirates and search for the hidden treasure on board. In the meantime, you can talk to your customers and their partners.

Fun and relaxation

The event venue is a big part of the experience.  Book something unique to increase that wow-factor upon arrival. What about a large three-master? Supporting the sailing crew or just relaxing on the deck – everything is possible. Your customers will mingle to share insights and experiences without an enforced formal setting, creating relationships and experiences that will help any business succeed.

Why can Jibe! Group help you with this?

The name Jibe! Group says it all, it is chosen with a reason. The name Jibe! originates from sailing & windsurfing: the jibing manoeuver is used when you change the direction of a boat by turning its stern or back end of the boat, through the wind. If done in a controlled manner, a jibe can lead to a tactical advantage in any race… Let us help you Jibe! (in a controlled manner) and gain tactical advantage with your event.

One of our employees (Rimke) comes from the nautic world and knows the most beautiful ships in the Netherlands. This means we know exactly what to look for and what the best options are for your business.

As an example we have developed the ‘Fun and Relaxation’ possibility to give you a better idea of what this event might look like. Take a look at our specials for more detailed information.

Intrigued and wondering how you can add value to your hospitality event? Let us know your wishes and goals and Jibe! Group will make a detailed plan to ensure you gain that tactical advantage.  


Rimke Nooter


Rimke Nooter

Senior Projectmanager