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Last month, JIBE! welcomed a new badge system. Badges are very important for a complete event. Jibe! chose this new badge printing system for 3 important reasons: Lead scanning – the new badges can be printed with a barcode, which
Rimke Nooter
Yesterday the 3rd edition of the Workday Run took place at the Amsterdamse Bos. Jibe! Group, working with Workday since the opening of it’s Amsterdam office a couple of years ago, also participated with a team. Nadine, Eva and Laura
Rimke Nooter
On the 14th of June we had the honour to organise Salesforce Basecamp in Aula Magna, Louvain la Neuve, Belgium. Basecamp provides Salesforce customers and prospects the unique opportunity to share experiences with major brands, Salesforce
For privacy reasons this host has been made unrecognizable
Rimke Nooter
We support companies with their visual event branding for years now. Visual branding is of great importance to turn an event into an experience and increase brand impact. As a company you want to be seen and stand out .However, with an
Rimke Nooter
Hospitality event – Jibing to success In the current market where the competition is killing and most communication happens online, a hospitality event is the way to reconnect with your customers. You get to know and understand each
Customer Testimonials
Over 25% of purchases made are based on word of mouth and positive testimonials. Customer reference stories provide the necessary evidence for your Unique Selling Points. Why should a prospect decide to buy from you and not from the
Visual branding
‘A picture’s worth a thousand words.’ As humans, we love visual materials and are great at remembering images. According to several studies, people remember only 10% of spoken words after three days. This in contrast to
Customer Reference Program
Customer reference programs are built to share positive user stories with potential customers. Why? 25% of purchases are made based on word of mouth and positive testimonials. Customer reference programs are one way of gathering these