Visual Event Branding

Jibe! loves visual event branding. We work with a broad range of designers, stand builders, printers and designers to ensure top-quality visual branding for your tradeshows and events, while saving you the time and costs associated with dealing with multiple vendors. 

Your visual branding at events and tradeshows is the first perception. It is a golden opportunity to make a positive impression on (potential) customers and business partners. Whether you require a branded theme for your event, the website and the invitation process, room signs for indoor conventions, signage to create a striking stage or outdoor signage for parking or routing purposes, we do it easily and affordably. Unique about working with Jibe! for your event branding & signage is that we literally support you with the whole process. By working with Jibe! you select a partner who combines it all into one attractive package.

If you have outsourced your event organization to Jibe!, you will automatically be asked about your requirements for visual branding and signage, and we will incorporate this into our proposals. If you have not outsourced the event organization, simply contact us once you have selected the venue for the event or with details about the tradeshow you are exhibiting at. Together we will develop a visual branding program, which can incorporate one or more of the following elements:

  • Invitations
  • Website
  • Tradeshow booth(s)
  • Outside the venue: building wraps, flags, beach wings, routing
  • Inside the venue: booths, stickers, backdrops, routing, banners, elevator signage, digital signage, stage decoration.
  • Materials used at and during the event: badges, program booklets, apps, catering materials

By using one supplier for all visual branding, from invitation to badge and from website to window stickers, you will be sure of maximum impact and the highest possible quality.