Telemarketing & Telesales

Key to effective marketing is the creation of a solid pipeline for your direct sales team and/or channel. A direct touch way to achieve this is through telemarketing.

Jibe! offers tailored programs, matching your needs, timeframes and budgets, in one country or across Europe. A unique part of our program is that we aim to train one dedicated telemarketer (or telesales representative) who will work with your organization on an ongoing basis, whether this is 2 days per month or 5 days per week. This provides reassurance that there is a knowledgeable person on the line, whether making outbound calls or following-up on in-bound leads. We have resources in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

Examples of telemarketing & telesales programs:

On-going lead qualification. Local inside sales or telemarketing support to follow-up on inbound leads

On-demand lead generation. Jibe! helps you plan, organize, execute and manage cold-calling telemarketing programs – a great way to gain new entry points into accounts and to increase your number of contacts and leads.

G2000 account mapping & profiling. Large corporations are usually difficult to target as decision making units are often spread across the corporation. You need to have an understanding of parent/child structures and insight into their decision making processes. By creating an in-depth profile of these accounts you will gain insight and understanding, increase amount and accuracy of contacts, and will most likely increase the performance of marketing and sales campaigns into these organizations.

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