Online Marketing, SEO, Syndication

Jibe! develops online marketing, SEO and syndication programs that increase brand awareness, improve customer satisfaction and generate new leads.

In today’s connected world, it is important to be where your customers are looking for information. And these customers are online. Social media channels, such as Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter have become important tools that increase brand awareness, improve customer satisfaction, generate website traffic and new leads. Jibe! can support you with the development and the execution of online marketing and social media plans that will achieve your goals whilst taking into account marketing trends such as personalization and visualization.  

Social Media

Jibe! helps you make the right choices regarding the use of social media in your company and provides you with a comprehensive start-up plan. We support with the goal setting and are able to execute your social media programs.  

Google™ AdWords

Jibe! can set up and manage your Google AdWords campaigns by performing your keyword selection (in different European languages when needed), targeting regional or local visitors, optimizing your bids and writing successful ad copy. We continually optimize your advertisement groups to profit from the lower prices per clicks that Google offers advertisers with a good quality score. By aligning your AdWords campaign with your other marketing activities, we ensure an optimal return on your marketing investment.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While AdWords is the quickest way to the top, organic search engine optimization offers better and longer lasting results. Jibe!'s SEO services are strictly ´white hat´, meaning that they are in line with the search engine’s guidelines. Apart from being risk free, an additional advantage of this approach is that the optimization does not only benefit your position in the search engine rankings, they also benefit your users. We can offer you SEO services as a one-off optimization advice for your website, or as an ongoing service.

Email Marketing

Although privacy laws around the world have become fairly strict, email communication with your customers and prospects is still a very effective and nurturing technique. By using proper email marketing tools, your emails can offer a wealth of information about your target audience’s interests. Jibe! can help with the planning, creative, copywriting, list selection, and distribution of your email marketing campaign. We also have experience with marketing automation programs based on Pardot, Eloqua and Marketo.


Live and recorded webinars provide a low cost and convenient way for prospects to learn more about how your solutions can assist them. Jibe! can assist with content creation, infrastructure, the invitation process and lead follow-up.

Online Sponsorship & Syndication

Online sponsorship provides a simple and broad approach to reach subscribers of website communities, and people searching for relevant content. Jibe! can help you create an online sponsorship & syndication strategy. We research and recommend potential sites across Europe, create messaging and banner images, assess and localize whitepapers, build landing pages and ultimately secure online placement and results.