Event Management

The specialists from Jibe! budget, plan, promote and execute your event, every step of the way, ensuring that each event meets your objectives.

When organizing a seminar, conference, hospitality event, executive meeting or corporate event, you want to feel secure. You only get one chance to impress your guests, so your meeting has to run as planned.

At Jibe! we strongly believe in a personal and pro-active approach. A 'Can Do' attitude, taking into account your goals, wishes, expectations and your budget. We go further than 'just organizing the event'. We are your partner in business, ensuring each event becomes a strong tactic to achieve your marketing- or business goals. We have an open & honest attitude and we do not take 'no' for an answer.

We can support you with the organization of conferences, seminars, customer events, VIP events, hospitality-events, management meetings, training, kick-off meeting, sales meetings, roadshows, business partner events, employee events and incentive programs. But we can also support you with parts of the organization of your event, such as invitations, visual branding, registrations (incl. badge scanning services), venue finding, AV productions, speaker management, sponsor management and conference payment services.

Why work with Jibe! for event management? 

  • Jibe! employs experienced event managers, who have been organizing conferences and events for up to 3000 attendees for over 10 years. 
  • Jibe! provides clear checklist services ensuring each event is managed consistently.
  • We work closely with designers and visual brand experts to maximize the visual impact of each event.
  • At Jibe! we have thorough experience working in your industry, which means we understand the context in which you organize your event. 




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