What happens on Vlieland..... stays on Vlieland

The adventure begins when you embark in Harlingen. On your way to the island most far from the Dutch mainland. The seals resting lazingly in the sun, a seagull that flies along with the ship. This promises teambuilding-weekend, a training or just a pleasant time together on a small paradise. A few highlights from the program, which of course will be completely customized:

  • Let the adventure begin during the crossing. Halfway between Harlingen and Vlieland, a rescue boat suddenly comes alongside. It becomes a real nautical spectacle, where everyone is given the opportunity to switch over and experience the thrill!
  • The official part in an industrial garage that is transformed by us into a professional event location for an official program. Presentations, trainings, everything is possible.
  • What happens on Vlieland, Stays on Vlieland: after a dinner in the village or at the beach everyone is awaited on the beach by a big 4WD truck that takes you to the most westerly point of the island. Here a big bonfire has been lit up, and there are plenty of chilled drinks and snacks ready for your group.
  • Picnic lunch at the lighthouse garden.
  • Beachfun: from blowkarten to suppen.
  • A GPS tour through the dunes (totally fun when it is dark).

We are happy to tailor a customized program, taking into account your objectives, wishes and budget. Contact us today for a cup of coffee & an introduction.