Rubrik Healthcare Event - June 2019

On the 27th of June Jibe! Group had organized a Healthcare Event for Rubrik in collaboration with VMware. This event was held in the Kookfabriek in Amsterdam. During the day presentations were given and in the afternoon a '' Top Chef '' cooking workshop took place for all attendees. Different kind of dishes were prepared in separate groups. After the cooking workshop was completed, everyone sat down at the table to eat the self-prepared dinner.

In addition to Jibe! Group organizing many large events itself, we also organize many smaller events. For this event, for example, it was not necessary to provide on-site assistance. Jibe! Group arranged everything in advance. From searching and contracting the venue to arranging the catering and from arranging the presentation room including equipment to arranging the give aways. Jibe! Group was also responsible for the designing and printing of the food menus and thank you cards. Due to the good contact with the client via email and telephone, it was ideal for us to be able to quickly switch and make changes in the program when necessary.