CyberX - Amsterdam and Zurich - May 2019

Jibe! Group is happy to welcome CyberX as a new client. This Israeli company is the only battle-tested industrial cybersecurity platform built by blue-team cyber-experts with a proven track record defending critical national infrastructure.

CyberX asked Jibe! Group to take care of organizing their executive seminars in the Marriott in Zurich and The Tobacco Theatre in Amsterdam in May and June earlier this year. The theme of the half-day seminar was 'Ensuring cyber resilience for industrial & critical infrastructure'. Jibe! Group did not only took care of venue finding, arranging the room-set, technical requirements, catering and contracting, but also of the invitation and reconfirmation process by phone. We called all invitees to make sure they had received the digital invitation correctly, and to answer all their questions regarding the seminar. Besides that, we called them again a few days before the event to reconfirm their registration.

Both events were succesful and reached the delegate-goals of the client. We are looking forward to organizing future seminars for CyberX, of which one in Stockholm coming up in September.