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Our Story

Result-driven is in our DNA

Jibe! Group was founded in 2004 with a clear mission. It is our aim to provide companies flexible support with the planning and implementation of marketing programs and events throughout EMEA. Founded in 2004 we have experienced steady growth, reflected by winning the 'FD (financial times) Gazelle Award' in 2008. Today, we are large enough to provide the knowledge and service that you need, but yet small to ensure personalised attention and flexibility. We continue to focus on providing US, EMEA and Benelux Marketing Managers the most result-driven event- and marketing project management available. 

What does the name Jibe! stand for?

The name Jibe! originates from sailing & windsurfing: the jibing manoeuver is used when you change the direction of a boat by turning its stern or back end of the boat, through the wind. If done in a controlled manner, a jibe can lead to a tactical advantage in any race… Let us help you Jibe! (in a controlled manner) and gain tactical advantage.



What does Jibe stand for



What does that mean for you?

We provide marketing & event services to companies who are sailing to a new destination. We provide these services with flexibility, speed and control at every turn. Thus, whether you are charting out a new course in the European market, changing direction in order to deal with changing environments or in need of extra hands on deck to support your marketing activities and events, Jibe! Group provides the flexibility, speed and control to get you there. 

“Due to our fantastic collaboration with Jibe! Group we are able to organise customer conferences in the Benelux with over 2.000 attendees. Together with Jibe! Group we welcome our (future) customers and inform and entertain them following the highest possible standards". 

 “Jibe! differentiates themselves with their commitment to make each of our activities a huge success. They take a tremendous effort in not only understanding and complying with our needs, but also to execute, promote and position themselves as true colleagues when working on a mutual challenge.”