Murphy's Law
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It takes a lot to organize meetings, events and conferences. The pressure is high. Expectations need to be exceeded. There are hundreds and thousands of things to think about. And no matter how thorough your preparations are, be prepared.
effective networking
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Networking is a great way to develop yourself as a person. You can benefit from a solid network for years, even during the bad times. Everyone you know belongs to your social network, for example friends, colleagues, suppliers, clients,
Teambuilding en WKR
Salomé Pouw
As of January 1, 2015 a new taxation scheme related to employee reimbursements and allowances will be introduced in the Netherlands. As per fiscal year 2015, organizations are subject to a maximum spend on reimbursements and allowances
Business blogging
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Business blogging can be a major added value for many companies and organisations. But how can a blog help your business to be more successful? Here are some tips & tricks. To begin, it is important to consider why you are planning to
Succesful event
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If you would like to have a glimpse behind the scenes, be part of our exciting work, and get convinced of our services, here is a ten-step guide we follow for a successful event. Please remember these are just a few tips and a short
promoting your event online
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Marketing on social media can be very difficult these days. It is not what it used to be when you would use broadcast marketing and display your message to thousands, even millions of people, hoping that the name recognition itself would
The year of Twitter
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Which trend or development has had the most influence on the organization of events? This question was asked to several event professionals and a top 5 was born with a first position for Social Media. The undisputed winner, because of the
Event venue
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There are many event venues available. From industrial buildings to hotels, in the end you need to pick the venue that is most suitable for you, for your guests and for the goals of your event. Besides this you also need to take your