Salomé Pouw
Give-aways have been used by companies for years as a promotional tool at trade shows and other businesses events. After all, with a well-chosen, sustainable give-away the company message will live a long life at the customer or prospect.
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Eva van Diemen
In our blog “How to Improve Attendee Engagement at Events” we wrote about the importance to truly get your attendees involved and engaged. An important factor to improve attendee engagement is to select an event venue that
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Eva van Diemen
In our blog “How to Improve Attendee Engagement at Events” we share ideas to optimize attendee engagement. In this blog you will discover how to improve interaction with attendees by making small changes in the set-up of your
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Eva van Diemen
The Personal Armour Systems Symposium (PASS) is a technical conference with an exhibition that brings technical experts together from around the world. Jibe! Group is the sole organizer of PASS 2016 on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of
Attendee Engagement at Events
Laura de Haas
Attendees know pretty much what they can expect when attending an event. Therefore it is a difficult job to impress or surprise them. There are however tricks to engage your attendees. You’ll need to discover their interest and think
IT Sails
Oznur Bayram
The IT Sails sailing regatta is an annual networking event where IT-companies and IT-departments compete in an informal atmosphere for the IT SAILS trophee. We are proud to announce that the program and the pricing for the 2015 edition are
Christmas Event
Jibe Group
Would you like to have an original Christmas-event this year? Jibe! Group has the Christmas event for you. This year, you will invite business relations and their families to visit your own field, filled with Christmas trees. Out on the
Event app
Jibe Group
Web 2.0 refers to the development of internet becoming an interactive medium, where users can not only download but also upload user information. Nowadays smartphones and tablets are used everywhere. Especially during events. Companies are