Make the ROI of your event measurable!

Laura de Haas

An event is always part of a bigger picture and contributes as part of the customer journey to the KPI’s of the entire company. An event is not finished once the last attendee walks out the door. In fact, following an event is when most profit is to be gained. How do you measure the real success of the event? Did the event meet the set goals?

Prior to the event

Goals are set prior to the event. The ROI of a B2B event is, for example, measured by the amount of attendees or the number of new leads. Easy to measure but new leads are only part of the ROI calculation. ‘Event influenced revenue’ can be used to measure more precisely what the actual result of the event is.

Feedback attendees

How attendees have experienced the event is important for upcoming events. Go environmentally friendly and send out digital feedback forms one day after the event, or use an Event App for this at the end of the day. As a trigger to fill out the feedback form you can give away access to e-books or the digital presentations of the event.

Lead follow-up

Following up leads consistently is essential if you want to fill the pipeline. Stay in touch with attendees after the event and respond to their online communication. Invite specific target groups for a Webinar or use the event as kickoff for a series of (e)mail campaigns. Subsequent to the event you grade the generated leads, after which you engage them in a marketing nurture campaign to eventually ensure conversion.

Measuring ROI

With long and complex sales cycles it can be challenging to measure exactly how much ROI was created by organizing an event. 50 new leads or 20 registrations for your next webinar? These are direct results. But what about the ‘event influenced revenue’? With the aid of a CRM system you can keep track of how leads are generated, what leads are ‘touched’ by what campaign – including events – and connect this directly to the sales cycle. How many leads or opportunities have been influenced by the event is a crucial part of measuring the ROI of the event.

Following up on leads is essential to achieve success. Make the results measurable by using a proper lead follow-up program and process feedback of attendees to exceed expectations even more in the future – both yours and your customers.

Wondering whether you get the most out of your investment in an event? Let’s discuss over a cup of coffee what improvements can be made. 

Laura de Haas


Laura de Haas

Project Manager