Ideas for visual branding at events

Visual branding

‘A picture’s worth a thousand words.’ As humans, we love visual materials and are great at remembering images. According to several studies, people remember only 10% of spoken words after three days. This in contrast to visualized information. In this case 65% of the message will be remembered. With the right visual branding your company will truly leave an imprint at your customers’ and prospects’ minds. Besides visual branding helps to make a positive first impression at trade shows and offers your guests a remarkable experience at events. 

Visual event branding comes in all shapes and sizes. Think, for instance, of:

  • Life-size printed and cut-out foam letters.
  • Dynamic lightboxes.
  • A social media wall.
  • Providing customers with useful information and links in one simple QR code scan visualized through life-size iPhones or iPads.
  • The use of Soundframes, combining visual branding with sound.
  • Using large printed cloths, instead of boring black ones, to separate or sound-proof different spaces.

Jibe! Group works together with a European market leader in the field of visual branding and large format prints. By using one supplier for all visual branding you’ll ensure maximum impact and the highest possible quality. This means, for example, no deviation in the colouring of all visual branding items and an integrated branding plan for your complete event. Together we develop a visual branding concept for your event that maximizes impact.  

Interested in what Jibe! can do to optimize your company’s visual branding at events? Based on your location and budget we develop a complimentary proposal for visual event branding that will impress. Contact us today for a cup of coffee.