Five Good Reasons to Develop Customer Testimonials
Customer Testimonials
  1. Over 25% of purchases made are based on word of mouth and positive testimonials.
  2. Customer reference stories provide the necessary evidence for your Unique Selling Points.  Why should a prospect decide to buy from you and not from the competitor? In a sales conversation or on a website you’ll, without doubt, mention many reasons and advantages for your solutions. But what does that mean for your prospective customers? And who says that what you claim is actually true? 
  3. With the help of customer testimonials, you can tackle insecurities of potential customers. Let’s take a retailer with high street presence across Europe and a producer of POS-materials as example. The retailer is looking for a supplier for all their POS and visual branding materials, who can deliver seamlessly to all stores throughout Europe. The logistics of this process are his biggest concern. He was asked about his worries by your account management. By providing the retailer with relevant references from other customers, discussing how efficient the logistics have been taken care of by your organization, the necessary evidence of your proposition will be delivered. 
  4. When developing customer testimonials in liaison with your customers, you will tighten the relationship with your customer. Your business relations will be placed in a positive spotlight, explaining what they have done to eventually improve their business success. It has been proven that the development of a customer testimonial improves customer loyalty.
  5. Customer reference stories offer great content for social media & external media. This results in a better ranking of your website, more visitors on your website and more leads sourced from the website (when conversion is in place), which will eventually improve the ROI of your website.

Customer testimonials are in our view a crucial element in the ‘Prospect to Customer’ process:  

  • More visitors on the website
  • A better conversion from your website
  • More leads will be turned into orders 
  • USPs will be proven and translated into customer advantage 
  • Increased customer loyalty 
  • Improvement of cross- and upselling 

There are a range of options to produce customer testimonials. From infographic to video, from an interactive PDF to in-depth whitepapers. Jibe! Group has years of experience with the development of customer testimonials.  Let’s have a cup of coffee together to share ideas. 

Jolanda Prins, Copywriter, Jibe! Group


Founder & Copywriter